Prices to change on the 27th of March 2017

At the end of the month we will change our prices to a current New Zealand standard for good yoga teaching and that honours the practice of yoga. For our general prices this is a rise, however, as we do so we will be giving prospective first-timer students a golden opportunity to try our classes for a very special price of $39 for 3 weeks of classes and giving our regular students the opportunity to take a 12-month membership with a $23 per week A/P going out instead of by monthly passes. If your yoga practice fits this scenario, you could end up paying less per month than previously! More importantly, by committing to a year membership you will be placing more import on your dedicated yoga practice and your yoga studio.

If you want to get a super deal before our prices change on the 27th, buy your year pass for just $990 or pay for a month or 10-class concession before then.


Studio prices to change 27 March 2017:



Weekly A/P    $23 per week – 12-month contract (with possibility of 2 breaks for longer than 2 weeks over the period).

Month pass     $125

Year pass        $1080  


Multi-class concessions:

Class length:     90 minute       50-60 minute

10 –classes     $149                $120

Casual class    $18                  $15

Mat Hire: Free

First timer deal:  $39 for 3 weeks unlimited classes 



Rhys, Jessica, Kathryn, Raphael, Göknil