Level 1: Limit is 18 per class. Please feel free to bring your own mat or borrow ours.

Booking through Momoyoga (below):
These bookings will not ask for payment – you can pay as normal at reception. Come promptly to your class as bookings return to the general pool 5 minutes before start time.
If you’ve made a booking but can’t make it please cancel the booking as soon as poss to make the space available. If you have any problems, text Rhys on 021879007.

Blessings & Namaste

Our four styles of Yoga

1) Hatha yoga ~ the “Bliss” class

Relax body and mind and ease into this blissful restorative yoga practice. Breath-focused, gentle movements leave you in a state of deep rest, balance and expansiveness. Working within a normal range of movement, this is a class for every body. All Hatha classes are 60 minutes.

2) Yoga Foundations ~ focused and transformative

Build the correct foundations for your yoga practice. With clear, structured sequences, safe alignment and deep muscular heat, you will develop strength, balance and flexibility. Yoga Foundations teaches the body/mind a new way of being — tall, light, strong and energised. An ideal core class for all levels.

3) Vinyasa Flow ~ dynamic and energising

Vinyasa means movements linked in synchronisation with breath, making for a flowing class that exphasises ‘the dance of the posture’. Challenge your balance, strength and length in this graceful and fluid practice.
An exhilarating ride for the able beginner and experienced practitioner alike.

4) Vinyasa Express ~ early morning or lunchtime energiser

This 50 minute vinyasa class are guaranteed to bring energy and focus to your day. Not requiring as much stamina or endurance as our longer classes, the express class is the ideal ‘yoga snack’.


+) Macandrew Bay yoga classes

This community class is somewhere between “Yoga Foundations” and “Vinyasa Flow” and we try to cater for all levels. Beginners welcome.

Don’t know which class to try? Ask our awesome teachers!

All our teachers are skilled in adjusting postures for different ability levels.
In general from option 1 – option 3, the intensity increases. If you’ve been through one of our BEGINNER’S COURSES, you will have the tools to work at your level in the first 2 options, if not all!

Our modalities are designed to fit together – they all work the elements of yoga. We encourage all students to do more than one modality in their regular practice to benefit from different approaches.


33 thoughts on “Timetable:

  1. Was looking for class/instruction for teenagers – some of whom have experienced yoga previously. Ever done a class on-site @ local school, and if so what minimums would be required to do so?

    • Kia ora Dawn,
      We’ve taught teenagers on site in theatre, dance and circus with yoga elements in the class before. We would have to plan particularly to take a straight yoga class at your school. I’ll email you directly to discuss your objectives and our fees.
      Namaste, Rhys

  2. Hi, I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. Have you got any prenatal classes starting soon? If not, which of the classes would be the most suitable on the current timetable? Julie

    • Dear Julie, Congratulations! Have you done much yoga before? We don’t have any prenatal classes starting in the immediate future. If you want some deeply breath centred yoga, the class you at this time is Traditional Hatha Yoga (Tues morn, Thurs evening).

      • Hi there! My name is Sophia and my friends and I have joined your Vinyassa flow class before. I am interested in doing it again, we’re there any teenage or other classes available? Thanks.

      • Kia ora Sophia, you’d all be welcome along to the Vinyasa classes – either around lunch or 5:30pm. We don’t do any age specific classes, everyone just comes along and does their best with what experience they have. We teach all comers with the same level of care and attention. Let me know if you have any other queries! Namaste, Rhys

  3. Kia Ora. I was wondering what class would you recommend for me, as I am just regaining my strength after having my 4th child. I have consistently practiced yoga both before and during my pregnancy so I am not a beginner. Thank you. Kind regards Maire

    • Kia ora Maire,
      If there are no complications, I would recommend the Yoga Foundations class for gaining strength and stability. I would invite you to take it easy on your first few sessions and get the hang of the class.
      Namaste, Rhys

  4. Hi there, I have never done yoga before however very interested to start up. I will be away in june so I can’t do the beginners course, however will the foundation yoga be to hard to start off with?
    Thanks, Lauren

    • Dear Lauren,
      Many people just dive straight into Yoga Foundations, which can be fine. I’ll email you a few questions regarding your health, age and objectives and we can start you in a class.
      Namaste, Rhys

  5. Hi I am Millie and I am really interested to do yoga I am a dancer at rasa school of dance and I was wondering do you do classes for 11 year olds I would be very interested to do yoga to keep my flexiblity up , try new things , and feel nice and relaxed I am really interested thankyou

    • Dear Millie, We’re happy to have 11-year-olds in our classes if they’re really keen and focussed. You may like to try the Yoga Foundations classes classes to start with – see the timetable for details.
      Namaste, Rhys Latton

  6. Hey guys I’m interested in joining a yoga class but haven’t had any experience and I’m keen to start doing classes to improve on my balance,flexibility,fitness,stamina,breathing,strength,body and mind.
    Just wondering what would be the suitable class to fit in with my criteria and also if men are welcome..?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Dear Soum, Men are definitely welcome! I’m emailing an answer back to you directly. Our Beginner’s Course or Yoga Foundations will be a good place to start. Namaste, Rhys

  7. Hi there,

    I would love to try the bliss class this Thursday do I have to book or can I just turn up?



  8. Hi
    I’m very interested in signing up for yoga classes but unsure which one would be the best option for me. I have some back problems which is one of the reasons I’d like to try this and also need something to take my mind of the stress as I have problems sleeping at nights. Would you be able to recommend something for me? Thank you so much

  9. Hi. What classes does the lady who owns the studio run? I met her recently and would like to attend her classes. Thank you

    • Good choice Ana! Jessica is an awesome teacher and human. I’ll email you directly with the classes she is currently teaching. Namaste, Rhys

  10. Hi there. I’ve done some yoga overseas and was looking for a studio in Dunedin. I was wondering if you did passes or vouchers so I could buy my friend some as a present?

    • Dear Lizzie, yes we do sell gift vouchers. We could make one up to the value of your choice. Please see our class prices page (under Class Info) for details and let me know if you’d like to pick it up or receive in the mail. Namaste, Rhys

  11. Hello,
    Is it necessary to book a yoga class or I just have to come ? I want to come today at 5.30 pm for vinyasa flow. I’m just in Dunedin for 4 days.

  12. Kia ora Krutika, We have a pregnancy course we are organising to start in the next couple of weeks. We’ll finalise things in the next few days and contact you. If you’d like start yoga sooner please consider our Hatha classes which are good for all people. Namaste, Rhys Latton

    • Kia ora Sophia, there are spaces for you and friends in classes. It would be a good idea to come along to “Vinyasa express” classes or “Yoga foundations” – look at our timetable and see what suits you. If you want to try a gentle class that requires stillness and mental focus, “Hatha yoga” is a good one to do.
      For newcomers, we recommend buying our “newcomers deal” of $39 for 3 weeks of unlimited classes – this lets you come and try whichever ones you want to over the 3 week period.
      Warm regards and Namaste, Rhys Latton

  13. I have done vinyasa with you before, just wondering do you have teen specific classes or know of any in Dunedin? Thanks.

    • Kia ora Sophia, No we make all our classes open and then deal with the individual needs of our students as we go. For example, if you let us know particular goals you have on your yoga journey we could help you work on those within class.
      I can’t think of any teen-specific classes in town. Best to try different places out and see what resonates with what you need now. Good luck Sophia! Namaste, Rhys

    • Kia ora Nathan, no we favour Traditional Hatha Yoga instead, which is also a gentle and restorative yoga practice but contains movement and support as well as release rather than just held releasing. Namaste, Rhys Latton

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