Prices to change on the 27th of March 2017

At the end of the month we will change our prices to a current New Zealand standard for good yoga teaching and that honours the practice of yoga. For our general prices this is a rise, however, as we do so we will be giving prospective first-timer students a golden opportunity to try our classes for a very special price of $39 for 3 weeks of classes and giving our regular students the opportunity to take a 12-month membership with a $23 per week A/P going out instead of by monthly passes. If your yoga practice fits this scenario, you could end up paying less per month than previously! More importantly, by committing to a year membership you will be placing more import on your dedicated yoga practice and your yoga studio.

If you want to get a super deal before our prices change on the 27th, buy your year pass for just $990 or pay for a month or 10-class concession before then.


Studio prices to change 27 March 2017:



Weekly A/P    $23 per week – 12-month contract (with possibility of 2 breaks for longer than 2 weeks over the period).

Month pass     $125

Year pass        $1080  


Multi-class concessions:

Class length:     90 minute       50-60 minute

10 –classes     $149                $120

Casual class    $18                  $15

Mat Hire: Free

First timer deal:  $39 for 3 weeks unlimited classes 



Rhys, Jessica, Kathryn, Raphael, Göknil

Toni Childs – a yoga, meditation and music experience

Toni pic copy [This post is an archive from Toni Child’s 2015 visit to Dunedin. Looking for her March 2016 workshop? Follow this link]

Wednesday 28th October 2015 10 – 11:30am

The Dunedin Town Hall.

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, Toni Childs, has designed a unique experience which combines movement, yoga, meditation and live singing to bring us into alignment with the beauty of who we are…

“I have designed a yoga experience which combines improvisational dance, meditation, story-telling and singing plus a number of gentle stretches… In creating this event, I have drawn on instruction from two important yoga teachers: Peewee G Patricia Howard and Chocho Saul David Raye. In addition to a lifetime of working as a performer… With a powerful sound bath singing as a backdrop – including my Emmy-Award winning song Because You’re Beautiful.
I encourage people to deeply connect with the beauty and wisdom of who they are.” Toni Childs

Come and celebrate your magnificence with a special 90 minute yoga and meditation experience… Toni’s powerful voice bathes you in sound and love – and aligns you with the truth – YOU are beautiful!

Toni_class copy“Each of us are beautiful, dynamic beings that are crying out to experience more self love, self appreciation, and self care. My morning practice is a way to blast the doors off the hinges to our personal cages of limitation, and engage in deepening our relationship with our ourselves.”


The Dunedin Town Hall.

Workshop fee: $25

BOOKINGS: Via email: or phone 03 4771180

Tickets also available at the door.

Inversions and Acro-Yoga with Lisa-Marie Nilsson 17, 18 Oct 2015

thigh stand

thigh stand

Take your yoga practice outside of the box with this workshop in Acroyoga and inversions!

Inversions are the class of yoga asana which literally invert the body, including handstands, forearm stands, headstands and shoulder stands – giving many body/mind/spirit benefits and FUN.

Acroyoga is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics.In addition to the exercise and strength building aspects of Acro-Yoga the partner balancing can improve concentration and trust in others and FUN.


I’m Lisa,  a Swedish Yoga and Acrobatics teacher.

I have been traveling and teaching both yoga and AcroYoga full time for the past 5 years mostly around Asia and Europe but also in the Americas and Southern Africa. I’ve been touring Australia, NZ and Asia for the past 6 months.

I teach a mix of yoga/AcroYoga and Flying Therapeutics (bodywork, thai-massage) which focuses on the personal practice of the student.


So, lots of fun and play with arm-balances and inversions in partner-setting with the intense focus on alignment and balance from the AcroYoga practice, something that the student can bring back to their daily yoga practice.




Workshop details 17th and 18th October:

Sat 17 Oct 11am – 2pm: Vinyasa with inversions [cost just Sat $35]

Sun 18 Oct          10am – 2:30pm: Acroyoga FUNdamentals, intermediate. [cost just Sun $70]

Workshop fee (whole weekend): $95

All sessions held at The Dunedin Yoga Studio.

Bookings contact:

Global Yoga Mala on World Peace Day

Yoga teachers and students from around Dunedin will join in an international affirmation of peace and non-violence this Saturday 21st of September in the Octagon. WPD_blog

Welcome and speeches start at 11am. 108 Sun Salutations will commence around 11:30 and it’s a real personal journey accompanied by kirtan/ yogic mantra and music! Yogis all around the world will be holding malas around this time. Join in – you can always take a pause and focus on breath at any time during the mala.

All welcome as an affirmation of peace in our communities and around the globe. Suggested $10 koha goes to an elected charity.

Re-screening: The Dhamma Brothers

Due to popular demand, we will run a screening at Macandrew Bay School this Saturday 1st of June.

The Dhamma Brothers Film

dhamma_brothers_posterThe Dhamma Brothers tells the dramatic and inspirational story of human potential and transformation as it closely follows and documents the stories of a group of prisoners as they enter into a challenging meditation programme.

Life-changing movie about life changing

Full synopsis here.

Saturday 1st June 7pm – 8:30pm

Macandrew Bay School library

488 Portobello Rd,  Macandrew Bay.

(Feel free to bring a cushion to sit on)

Chai and cake after the film.

Suggested donation: $15

In Support of the Yoga Education in Prisons Trust.

The Yoga Education in Prisons Trust is a registered charitable trust providing yoga and meditation education for prisoners in prisons in New Zealand.

Their Aims are:

  • To provide yoga and meditation education for prisoners to enable personal chamge and development.
  • To encourage released prisoners to integrate into community-based yoga classes.