Macandrew Bay Class

Please contact us if you’d like to pay the $120 for the first 10-week block online. You’re also welcome to attend casually.


Set your sights and pay $120 for the whole 10-week block (equates as $12/class).  Tell us in advance about unavoidable missed sessions and you can have a replacement credit for a town class at The Dunedin Yoga Studio. (These credits will be redeemable over the timeframe of the current 10-week block).

We expect to run this term block like a course: working on building on lessons from week to week. From time to time we will change teachers and have “guest spots”.

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm

Macandrew Bay School Library

$120 for the 10-class term block

$15 casual


17 thoughts on “Macandrew Bay Class

    • Kia ora Ali,
      I mainly teach a Yoga Foundations class as described on our timetable page. It is a physical yoga which balances good alignment work and held postures with some flow. Breath focus is emphasised. Come along and try it out – classes are running currently.
      Namaste, Rhys

  1. Hi, I’m new to the area near Dunedin, an experienced yoga student and I’m looking for a challenging Hatha class. Do you suggest the one offered at your studio? Namaste~ Jenny

    • Kia ora Jenny – you’ve asked this question on our Macandrew Bay Class page. It’s not always super challenging but you’re welcome to come along. Otherwise you will probably get a more intense session at our Vinyasa Flow class at the Studio in Dunedin.
      Namaste, Rhys

  2. Thanks Rhys. Yes, i think i know where the library is, past the main entrance towards the rear of the school.
    So can i just check, that the last class in this 10 block will boxing day dec 26? Many thanks

    • Kia ora Shantelle, we’re doing a shorter block as we wind up for the year – just 8 weeks and the price is just $100 (or $15 casual). Thanks – see you soon!

  3. Kia ora Michelle, Rhys here in Mac Bay. You’d be most welcome to come along. Can you find the school? The classes are in the school Library, at the end of the main teaching block. The class is not strictly a beginners class, it is a community class with people of various abilities but I give attention to everyone and make sure they have options if anything is too tricky. The learning is accumulative and over time everyone gets familiar with the flow of the class. See you Tuesday 7-8:30pm! Namaste, Rhys

    • Kia ora Katherine, these classes are running currently. You’d be welcome to attend tonight fi it suits – $15 for a casual class. We’re in the Macandrew Bay School library. Namaste, Rhys

  4. Hi
    I’m wanting to know 2021 starting date of the Macandrew Bay yoga class, (or maybe it has already). Thanks

    • Kia ora Dianne, We haven’t started yet – we’re confirming the date and will get the word out soon. I’ll be in touch in the next few days!
      Namaste, Rhys

      • Morena Dianne, We’ll be starting the first 10-class block on the 16th of February to run until the 20th of April. Please email me if you like to join us and pay the concession for the whole block – otherwise coming casually is also fine. Namaste

      • Hello Rhys
        I will attend the Macandrew Bay yoga class and pay for the full block.
        Regards Dianne

  5. Hi there

    I would like to join the classes starting next week please and pay up front for the full block.

    thanks a lot


    • Kia ora Kay,

      That’s absolutely fine – the classes actually start tonight. I replied to another participant in error that it starts on the 16th. If you can’t get along tonight – no problem, I’ll adjust your payment for 9 classes for this first block starting from next week. Namaste, Rhys

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