Rhys Latton – Co-owner
Rhys Latton

Rhys Latton

Rhys is an experienced and compassionate yoga teacher, having taught for over 15 years. Rhys helps our students to find correct alignment so that they can work with confidence and safety to the working edge of their practice.

Equally important is the focus on breath awareness, yoking attention in the NOW. How much more energy would you have if you breathed 10% more effectively?

Both Jessica and I have trained under master teacher Nicky Knoff (direct student of well-known gurus BKS Iyengar and Sri K Pattabhi Jois).  We continue our learning through a number of teachers and systems. With my background in physical theatre, dance and martial arts, I like to teach a class that balances physical fitness, internal focus and personal growth.

Jessica Paipeta Latton – Co-owner
Jessica Latton

Jessica Latton

Jessica has practiced yoga for over 25 years.

Starting her yoga practice in the early ‘90s while at dance school, Jessica was immediately captured by the intense body/mind discipline of yoga and the deep peace it brings. She has recently continued her studies with a 3-year diploma in classical yoga in the lineage of Krishnamacharya.

“Yoga teaches us how to be in the world. The physical postures are a mirror in which our consciousness is reflected back to us.  It gives us the strength and ease to be vitally present and alive in this moment – whatever it may bring.”


Göknil Biner – Yoga Teacher


My Yoga journey started at the Dunedin Yoga Studio, where I took a beginners course with Jessica. I was hooked immediately and quickly noticed an overall improvement in quality of life with a clearer approach to everyday challenges. After experimenting with different styles, I took the Foundations Teacher Training course under Nicky Knoff.

As a classically trained performer and singing teacher I have always been fascinated by the union of breath and physical work. Through my practice and Teacher Training this has developed into a deep appreciation of the other limbs of Yoga such as philosophy, meditation and Vedic chanting. Currently I am studying traditional Yoga therapy under Kausthub Desikachar and Ruth Diggins.


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