Level 2, 492 Moray Place

Entrance on Moray Place

The Dunedin Yoga Studio

2nd Floor

492 Moray Place

Dunedin 9016

Phone: (03) 477 1180

Mobile: 021 879 007


The Dunedin Yoga Studio: 2nd floor of this building

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  1. Hi there. I am interested in learning restorative yoga. Is one of your classes more like this type of yoga than the others? Thanks

    • Hello Claire,
      What do you hope to get from your restorative practice? Do you know much about these practices? I’m asking because there are different restorative approaches to take and different ways to answer your question.
      Our gentlest class is Traditional Hatha Yoga (please see the timetable page for a description). I find it to be gentle, serene and restorative in many ways. It is very breath focussed and low impact physically.
      I hope this is helpful! Namaste, Rhys

  2. Dear Rhys, I had the pleasure of dropping into your Wednesday Vinyasa class. What a treat! Thank you for the wonderful space /sequence you manifested. I’ll be back! Katerina

    • Dear Katerina,
      Thank you for your presence and thanks for your comment! You are most welcome in our whare – see you soon.

  3. Hi team, just wondering if you are currently running your Mac Bay classes? and if these (or any of your other classes) would be suitable for someone who is a beginner, and 15 weeks pregnant… thanks 🙂

    • Kia ora Susan, Rhys here – yes the Macandrew Bay classes are currently running 7-8:30 at the school, $15 casual. You would be most welcome – please come a few minutes early so I can discuss some modifications with you. Namaste, Rhys

    • Hello Martina, Rhys here. Yes we can do a private session for two beginners or you could come along to a gentle public class. I’ll email you directly and get more info on what you’re looking for. Namaste, Rhys

    • Dear Rose, My neices sometimes join our class since they were younger than 12. Options for your daughters would be to take our Beginners’ Course starting on the 14th of January or to just come and try a few classes from our regular schedule (We start classes from this Monday the 9th – they might like the lunchtime “Vinyasa Express” classes). Feel free to ask with any other questions. Namaste, Rhys Latton.

  4. Hi I am interested in your Hatha yoga class on Thursday morning at 10. Do you have any spaces?
    I’m visiting my daughter for a few weeks – would it be ok for me to purchase the first timer deal?
    Warm regards Ruth

    • Kia ora Ruth, Rhys Latton here. You’re welcome to come to Thursday’s Hatha class with my wife Jessica. Yes the 3-week deal is a good option! Namaste

  5. Hi there. Do u have any spaces free tomorrow morning? Am looking to give Yoga s go, have done Pilates and Bodybalance.

    • Kia ora Renee, Yes there’s space for you tomorrow. Please turn up 10-15 minutes early to meet the teacher, pay and get settled. Namaste, Rhys

  6. Hey Dunedin Yoga Studio team,
    I am down in Dunedin on business next week (and every few weeks for the next year!) and am keen to keep up with my Yoga practice while I am away.

    Am I able to book a space in classes online?


    • Kia ora Mel, we don’t have a booking system – just turn up and go! Your best option if you’re going to have a few classes while in Dunedin is to do our $39 3-week deal. Just come along 15 minutes early to your first class, sign up and pay.
      Namaste, Rhys

  7. Dear Rhys,
    I used to take your class in the Karori Rec Centre. If you organise an online class for healthy distance reasons, I would like a chance to buy in.

    Thank you,

    • Kia ora Susan! Great to hear from you – we’re getting something sorted at the moment. I’ll definiely keep you posted! Namaste, Rhys

  8. Hi there. I’m looking to strengthen my body through yoga practice (particularly back, core, knees and wrists) to avoid strain/injury at work. I’m at beginners level (I’ve done some classes through YouTube). Would you recommend yoga over strength training to build up these areas of my body? I know the two are very different methods!
    Cheers, Claire 😀

    • Kia ora Claire, yoga will definitely strengthen you in the way you need, while keeping mobility/flexibility if you can create a strong habit of doing yoga classes 2-3 times per week. You will also learn how to be more aware of your body and breathing, gain mental focus and ability to be calm and centred. There is a beginners yoga course starting this weekend with a few spaces left if that suits you, otherwise I can direct you towards a public class to start with. Namaste, Rhys

  9. Hi there, I’m really interested in the pregnancy yoga course on a Sunday. What stage of pregnancy do you recommend this for as I’m still pretty early? Ive also never done yoga before, does this matter?

  10. Hi, I cannot find you bank account details on this site, can you please direct me? regards Janet Lucas

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